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Janice King

In 2010 I became incapacitated from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I could not walk, stand, sit or even sleep without being in excruciating pain.  I felt like my body was full of broken glass pieces.  I had to use a walker to get around and could not brush my teeth properly or wash myself due to my hands being so decrepit and painful.  I could not believe this was happening!  I eventually sought out many specialists, medications, diets, had to undergo three joint replacements and spiritual counseling to address and overcome the past painful emotions that had built up within me and was holding me captive. 

Eventually I overcame these things.  Now I can walk freely and am out of that debilitating nightmare.  But, I could not beat back the artist in me. In 2016, I began painting on canvas as a healing process and the age of 60 I became a self-taught, emerging artist.   I paint faces which show joy, pain and strength, as these are some of the emotions I have experienced.  I also paint scenes, abstracts and flowers.  I have had gallery exhibits, taught painting classes and look forward to flourishing and prospering as a professional artist.  My work continues and I have come full circle and overcome many obstacles. 

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